I am proud to serve my clients with extraordinary customer service. I want to ensure every one of my clients has their needs exceedingly met and receives the best rates and mortgage solution I can provide. Please read the following testimonials from real clients to see the quality of service I offer.

"Our mortgage was about to expire and my wife Christine and I were looking at options to renew my mortgage.  We came across Bai and he outlined several options to consider including a very attractive pre-approved hold-rate.  Several months went by and we had meetings with other mortgage lenders, but they were not able to match the hold-rate that I got from Bai.  Once we decided on the lending company, Bai facilitated the transfer of mortgage to the new company.  I especially appreciated his extra effort in working on our schedule and coming by my home after hours to bring the mortgage documents for us to sign.  He thoroughly explained the terms made changes to accommodate our requests and arranged for the home appraisal to be completed.

In short, we are very pleased with Bai and the rate that he was able to help us get. We would and have highly recommend his services to our friends and co-workers!"

Christine and Chun Su, Vancouver

"Bai helped me secure my most recent home mortgage. I met Bai at a realtor open house and was impressed with his professionalism and enthusiastic attitude. Bai was someone that kept his word and delivered throughout the process. He also accommodated several changes that I requested to the application and in the end I believe that I got the product that fit my needs. I would recommend Bai to others looking for a mortgage or home equity line of credit."

Ryan Planinshek, Surrey

"I met Bai after attending a presentation where he spoke knowledgeably on the current trends in the economy and how this translates into the real estate market and how it would affect real estate investors.   Requiring further information about the Canadian mortgage market, I contacted Bai, and I found him to be very friendly, responsive, and eager to help!  I’m very grateful to Bai for his willingness to share his insights -he was knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  Thank you Bai!"

Julie Wong, Vancouver

"Definitely happy with the overall experience.  Having someone who is accessible to me is a top priority.  I’m accustomed to being able to get answer and responses very quickly and I felt that you made a good effort to get back to me quickly.  Often, an acknowledgement of my question(s) is enough.  It gave me the sense that I’m getting attention.  You understand that I live a very busy life and am rarely in one city for a long stretch of time.  Knowing that I have someone looking after my needs and ensuring those needs are handled without a lot of my involvement is important.  Trust is also very important to me, especially since this process involves sharing a lot of personal and confidentiality information.  I felt a high degree of trust during our working relationship.  I felt you also took the time to follow up with loose ends like contacting my lawyers to confirm title insurance rates, communicating with my realtor etc.  No pressure working with you at all.  You weren’t over promising.  Throughout the entire process I felt I was in control and you were facilitating."

Mike Der, Vancouver


"We contacted Bai to get a mortgage quote for our home. He was very helpful, thorough, and dedicated throughout the whole process. He gave us sound advice on what to look for when purchasing a home and answered all of our questions about our mortgage. We would definitely recommend Bai to our friends and family if they are looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable mortgage broker."

Ken and Wendy Wong, Vancouver

"Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with you on several of my rental property investment mortgages. I just wanted to say thank you for your continued professionalism and expertise you have demonstrated when handling my mortgages.  You've gone out of your way to research financial institutions in order to ensure that I was getting the best rates available.  By having you as my mortgage broker, you have taken all the hard work, stress, countless hours of paperwork and negotiations out of my hands, which I have truly appreciated!  In the future, I will be highly recommending you as a mortgage broker to my family and friends.”

Derrick and Tina Lim, White Rock

"We learned about Bai’s services through a mutual friend who had recommended him.  Bai met with us at our convenience at a location nearby our home and worked around our busy schedules.  Bai came prepared for our meeting!  He explained the market conditions, provided quantitative analytics for us to review and made tailored recommendations for our mortgage options.  Bai followed up on our queries from the first meeting in a prompt and thorough manner.  We found Bai’s attention to detail and dedication to us as clients to be the deciding factors in going with Bai for our mortgage broker. 

We highly recommend Bai for both investment and home ownership mortgages. He is a pleasure to work with and understands the current market as well as provides clients with the tools they need to plan for future market uncertainties."

Sidhartha and Sonia Rao, New Westminster

"This was our first time going through the mortgage renewal process, and really, the first time we dealt with our mortgage on our own without our parents' guidance. And because of that, you took great time and care to not only explain about the mortgage definitions and process, but you took the time to explain that we should not only think strictly about a mortgage renewal, but also to think about the bigger picture. You gave us a new perspective of how we should manage our money and guided us towards planning how to manage our finances - to establish our financial goals and to give us different methods in achieving those.

And that leads to the service you provided us. You were very patient in explaining about the variety of mortgages and also the tactics in choosing a mortgage (ie. why we might not always choose the mortgage with lowest interest rate; how we can use a mortgage as a leveraging tool; etc.). Most of all, we both appreciated your honesty and sincerity. In your line of work, it is easy to run into people who are out to make a commission and only looking out for themselves. However, there was an instant trust when speaking with you and we both felt you genuinely had our best interest at all times.

Again, both Ray and I would like to thank you again for all your efforts and we do hope that we would get the opportunity to work with you in the future."

Karen Der and Ray Lee, Vancouver

"Bai is an expirienced, highly knowledgable mortgage professional.  He helped us got a very, very good rate and his process was effortless. He also provided us with sound advice after considering  our financial situation and goals. We will definitely contact Bai if we need  any mortgage services."

Tia & Rianto, Coquitlam