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14 Dec

A Better Way To Tap Home Equity


Posted by: Bai Jiang

If you can’t live within your means in your working years, there’s no reason to believe you’ll pull it off in retirement.


So let’s start familiarizing ourselves with the options for retirees who didn’t save enough to live the kind of lifestyle they want. One is to go back to work. Easy to say, but hard to do unless you can consult or have an affinity for fast food.


Another is to rent out a basement apartment or sell the family home and either buy a cheaper house or rent. Moving is a non-starter for many retirees because they still enjoy their homes and want to have a place for kids and grandchildren to stay.


This brings us to two options for borrowing against the equity in your home, one of which, reverse mortgages, was covered last week (read that column here). The other option is the home equity line of credit, which a lot of people will set up and use long before they retire because it’s an efficient way to borrow.


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