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14 Dec

EnRICHed Academy’s "Smart Start For Financial Genius"


Posted by: Bai Jiang

Dominion Lending Centres is proud to announce the launch of EnRICHed Academy’s “Smart Start for Financial Genius”! This program has been designed to educate young adults (13-23) and their families on the fundamentals that build wealth in an entertaining, funny and entirely interactive way.

No program like this currently exists, and the need and demand across North America is at an all-time high. This is our way of giving back to communities across Canada, ensuring our youth embrace financial literacy.

Click here to view the EnRICHed Academy trailer!

Why We Created The Product:

– Statistically, 6 out of 10 Canadians live paycheque to paycheque, which means if their income stopped for only one pay period they’d have to rely on a LOC or Credit Card to make ends meet

– From 1989 to 2006, total credit card charges rose from $69 Billion to $1.8 Trillion; a 2,600% increase

– Today the average household credit card debt is $16,007

– The yearly savings rate of an average Canadian has gone from over 12% of income in the early 90s to under 2% today

– Household debt in Canada has more than doubled over the past 10 years

– 84% percent of college graduates in North America indicated they needed more education on financial management topics. Parents expect the schools to teach financial literacy and schools expect parents to. The fact is, most parents and teachers are ill equipped to teach students and kids on this subject and, therefore, don’t

– The average college graduate is $23,186 in debt

What The Product Looks Like:

The program comes in a box and contains 5 DVDs of entertaining but highly educational video on creating a foundation for building wealth. There is a 100-page workbook that the family will work through that includes activities and exercises as well as other materials that correspond with the topics covered in the program.

What Topics Are Covered:

  • 1. Understanding money 101
  • 2. Why some people don’t save money… No matter how much they make
  • 3. How much we actually spend at an early age
  • 4. Saving Money vs Making Money
  • 5. The power of saving 10%
  • 6. Why starting to save at an early age is CRITICAL
  • 7. The magic behind COMPOUND INTEREST and how it works
  • 8. How to systemize your savings and where to put your money at an early age
  • 9. How to buy your first investment property by the age of 23
  • 10. How to get into the stock market
  • 11. What a credit or beacon score is
  • 12. How credit cards work
  • 13. What to look for when buying your first car
  • 14. Good debt vs Bad debt
  • 15. How taxes work on a paycheque
  • 16. Understanding why having a job you love is critical to building wealth
  • 17. How to find a mentor
  • 18. 6 steps to move ahead in your career
  • 19. The influence of your environment
  • 20. There are no shortcuts
  • 21. Why goals are critical to building wealth
  • 22. The difference between a dream and a goal
  • 23. How to write down goals and take action
  • 24. The importance of building your personal brand
  • 25. If people can’t trust or depend on you… they won’t pay you
  • 26. Why your reputation is so important
  • 27. How to use your reputation to your advantage